A trip to see the Mayor

A couple of weeks ago, I was contacted by the Parker Mayor’s office.  They indicated that they Mayor had received something from overseas for Nathan and would like to present it to him in person.  I did not get any additional details other than when they were holding their next town hall meeting and if we could be there.  Of course we agreed to come and were intrigued by what it was.  The meeting was last night and we prepped Nathan for what we thought he could expect.  I have never met a Mayor and was not sure what this adventure would look like.  We reminded him to say “Thank you” to whatever it was that he was given and that more than likely he would want to shake hands (we practiced that as well:).  We got to the town hall and they had a  pamphlet that said there would be a presentation to Nathan.

They started the meeting and then the Mayor, Mike Waid walked down into the public seating area and turned the microphone on and started to speak to us.  He indicated that he received a letter in the mail from Nicaragua.  The envelope only said  “The Office of the Mayor Township of Parker Colorado”.  He said he was interested in what would be in this envelope.  Inside was a letter to him from a gentleman who lived in Nicaragua and had heard our story on CNN.  Apparently, they only provided Nathan’s first name and that we lived in Parker, CO.  He wanted to send Nathan some postcards before Nathan’s eyesight declined any further.  He assumed because this story made national news, that Nathan must be receiving postcards from all over the world and that if he just put Nathan, Parker, CO on an envelope, the post office would know how to get it to us.  unfortunately, his letter was returned to him.  As he stated in his letter to the Mayor, he could have stopped there, but he didn’t.  He went on the internet and Googled Parker, CO and obtained the address for the Mayor.  He then asked the Mayor if he could help to locate our family.

His letter went on to say that whatever it would cost to locate us and send us the postcards, he would reimburse the Mayor.  He asked that in return he simply receive an email letting him know that he received the letter.  Inside of the letter was another envelope that plainly said “Nathan, seeing the world through postcards, Parker, CO”.  I love the fact that he thought that it would get to us.

I am touched that this wonderful gentleman didn’t just throw away his letter and forget it.  He spent his time and money to make sure that we received his beautiful postcards from his home.  He wrote a letter to Nathan and the last line had me in tears.  He said, “Nathan, Be brave, for the world is watching and you are leading the parade!”

It is moments like these that I am in awe of others.  I have no words to express how much it means to me that he sought us out and that it was important for him to make sure that we received his letter and postcards.  It is people like him that have made such a lasting impact on our families journey.

Nathan and Madison got an opportunity to meet the Mayor, sit in his chair, bang his gavel and were given a lot of cookies:) I am very grateful for their hospitality and making us feel so welcome.

Please make sure you click on the link below that says letter to see this amazing letter that we received.