I am so incredibly disappointed.   We finally were able to hire a CNA to help with Nathan in the afternoon hours.  She was a perfect fit for our family. Nathan bonded with her right away and she was really good with him.  It finally gave us a little room to breathe in the afternoons.   I was able to run errands, make dinner, spend some time with Madison.  It was working out great for about 2 weeks.  She then gave us her 2 week notice.   She had another job and between the long hours, the pay was not enough to make it viable for her.  Since we go through Medicaid, our hands were tied regarding the pay scale.

This was supposed to be her last week with us.  All day today, Nathan was looking forward to seeing her.  He was waiting by the front door, saying her name and excited to play with her.  Imagine how disappointed we were when she didn’t show up or even bother to call.  We sent her a text and called her with no response.  Nathan becomes very attached very easily and we cannot afford to have a revolving door of people come in and out of his life.  He deserves to have someone who wants to spend time with him.  Jay and I had to tell him that she would not be coming back anymore.  This was a conversation we had hoped to have the CNA involved in so he could properly say goodbye to her.  Now, he is left to wonder why she won’t come back.

I understand if the money is so important and you couldn’t make it work, but do not give two weeks notice and then not show up or have the decency to call.  You are a grown up, make grown up decisions!! My child is the only one who suffers from your poor choices.