That’s what friends are for

I know how important it is to have friends that support you in life.  I never knew how important those friends are when the times get tough.  I am fortunate to have a small group of women that have rallied around me and supported me through all the stuff that we have been going through.  I have been able to speak openly and honestly, which is something that has been missing.  I feel like we have been hiding in our home and dealing with this all alone, and only letting snippets of information out.  It seems the flood gates have opened and we are finally able to speak and it feels good. I realized that people are generally good.  Have I had my experiences with people who are ignorant and just don’t know better?  Sure.  Have I had experiences with people who say things that come out wrong, but have the best of intentions?  Sure.  I can usually figure out which category you fall into.  

What I have discovered about myself is that I have become very defensive.  I have been on the receiving end of looks, stares, insinuations and flat out comments.  I don’t like who I have become.  I am working on letting it go.  If you know me, that is not my best quality.  I tend to hang on to words that people say.  I let them hurt me, when I should not even listen.  But let’s face it, words can hurt. I want to be easy going and kind in the face of anger or ignorance.  I want to be a reasonable voice for my son who can not always reasonably speak for himself and if I just fly off the handle at people then that only fuels the fire for the way people look at Nathan and that is my last intention.  

Our families have been invaluable to us, for they have supported us unconditionally through this whole process.  They love Jay, Madison, Nathan and me with all their hearts.  They would do anything to help us.  They have listened and supported and been the ones that we have leaned on.  It is nice to have friends that can share in this journey with us as well.

So you know who you are, THANK YOU!!  You are forever in my heart and we love you:)



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