As we sat around the Christmas tree, with my Mom and Dad and my family, I could not help think at how blessed my life is.  I have two beautiful children who were in awe when they came downstairs to see all the presents that Santa had left for them.  I have a husband, who I literally could not live without, he is my everything.  My parents, who traveled in snowy conditions just to be part of our Christmas day.  I was truly thankful for the gifts in my life, and the most precious ones were not under the tree, but surrounded it.

The last couple of days have been very out of the ordinary for me.  Ever since the story aired on the news, we have received an outpouring of support from so many people.  I have watched my Facebook page blow up with likes and I have been getting emails from all over the world reaching out to us in many different ways.  It has blown me away.  What I thought would be a local news story was apparently sent to other news stations across the country and the response is overwhelming.  When I clicked on the link for the news story, I saw the title and the most beautiful picture of my son.  I was in tears before I could even read what Anistasiya Bolton wrote.  I thought it was a wonderful article and am grateful that they did it so well.  Chris Hansen did a great job of capturing my children.   I am so grateful to all that have read my blog or my Facebook page and contacted me with kind words, or a picture or an inquiry of how to send us something.  I really am overwhelmed by people’s generosity.  I know that our local news station 9news KUSA, has dedicated a portion of their news everyday to showing positive, uplifting stories about our community and I am proud that we were one of their stories.  I love knowing that they are showing the good in our community, because there is so much good out there.  I was at a place were I did not believe people cared anymore, but I now know that they do.  I have felt the love and it is so heartwarming to know that people are good and that they care.

We have had people we don’t know bring gifts to our house for our family, we have had another family offer to donate a vision reader which is like the one he uses at school so that we have a tool at our house to use with him for his school work.  I am blown away!!

Words could never adequately describe exactly how I am feeling, only thankful.  Thankful for all that read this and spread the word, or send a card, or even just think about us.  It means the world to us.

We wish you all a Happy New Year that is filled with love, peace and joy!



2 thoughts on “Thankful

  1. You find in life that there’s usually always something to be thankful for, no matter what situation you find yourself in.

  2. My heart was definitely uplifted with all that was in that “short” news clip and want to reach out and hug all of you, especially Nathan and Madison, in this trying time. I would love to send both of them something from my home here in Winnipeg, Manitoba, the “centre point” in Canada and am asking for your address. I’m very glad you have such a loving family and supporting larger family too! All the best in your trials ahead!

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