Happy 14th Anniversary

Today I have the joy of saying I married my best friend 14 years ago! 
We have encountered so much in our time together and I know the road will continue to be long,  but always worth the fight.

You are my best friend.  I met you at a time in my life that I needed you most.  I realized that you possessed so many qualities of the man I have always admired the most, my Dad.  You work hard for your family, you love unconditionally, you are gentle and you are our protector.  You are all I will ever need in this lifetime.

With you by my side, we can conquer it all. You love me even when I am unloveable. You let me sleep in when I am exhausted. You put the kids to bed when I have had a hard day or just don’t have the energy to take one more step. When you have had a long day at work, you stop by the store to pick up my long list of things I forgot to get without comlaining.  You make me coffee in the morning (one of my favorites), you don’t mind that I walk around the house in sweats with my hair in a pony tail. You love me and I love you. We have created this life for ourselves that I would not want with ANYone else. You have shown me what it means to be loved and I hope that you feel that love in return. You are the father of our beautiful children whom adore you more than I think you realize. You are the real meaning of what the word Daddy means. You have shown me love quietly and you have shown me love loudly. You are witty, funny, smart and have the best smile I have ever seen.

I know I am not always the easiest to get along with but you are patient and kind.  From the depths of my soul, I love you with everything that I have. We are one in this life and I am glad that I found you.

We have had smooth sailing and rough waters, but we have weathered the storms. I would never want anyone else by my side. I know that we face many battles ahead but am confident that together we will continue to grow stronger and fight harder. 

I love you with all that I am and look forward to the rest of our lives together.♡♡


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