Happy 11th birthday!

Today, we celebrated Nathan’s 11th birthday.   Every day is special, but birthday’s are always fun.  Grandma came down to help celebrate and we went out to dinner.  Nathan was so excited to have them sing to him, but when they came to our table,  he became very shy.  I have never seen him behave that way before.   He usually loves to be the center of attention.  It was very cute.

Tomorrow,  we are off to Florida and heading out on a cruise.  We are really looking forward to spending some quality family time together and looking at the beautiful blue ocean water.
Thanks to all of you who continue to follow our story, it means alot.



1 thought on “Happy 11th birthday!

  1. Please wish him a belated Happy Birthday for me….love the pic……enjoy your vacation. Thanks much for the update..

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