Construction Phase I

We wanted to share some progress photos of how Nathan’s new room is coming along. It is amazing how quick it is progressing. We are so excited to see it take shape. We have started looking at furniture ideas for his room. I think we are more excited for that as he has not had a “proper” bedroom since he was a baby. It was never safe for him to have things in his room, so it has always sat empty. But we will be decorating this one for him. The house is dusty and loud at times, but so worth it to have him in a safe place.

Before photos:

Demolition Day


3 thoughts on “Construction Phase I

  1. This renovation for Nathan looks like it will be amazing for him. Is (was) that your family/dining area?
    Momma Sam

    1. Yes, it was the “formal” living room that will be his bedroom and the other room was the dining room which will be his new handicap accessible bathroom with a roll in shower.

  2. Wow!!quick progress!!!

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