Prom 2019

Last night was one of the best nights of Nathan’s (and our) lives. To say he looked handsome is an understatement. We bought him a tuxedo and a maroon tie to match Jenna’s dress.

We went to a nearby hotel to take pictures as a group and he did wonderful. It was a little chilly and had even snowed earlier in the day. Everyone looked spectacular!

Then off to dinner at Fogo De Chao. It is a Brazilian steakhouse with every kind of meat imaginable and apparently Nathan ate an enormous amount of food! He was in good spirits and made good conversation. He was his usual charming self.

Then off to the Prom! He only stayed about 45 minutes. He was getting pretty sleepy and it was very loud. He saw several friends from class and said he had a wonderful time.

Jenna looked stunning! She gave Nathan a gift last night that I don’t think she will ever realize how special it was. For Nathan to be included on such a special night was unforgettable. Several moments we had to keep it together as we didn’t know if this would ever be a possibility. It truly was a night for all of us to remember.

1 thought on “Prom 2019

  1. How fabulous! Stacey you and Jay are wonderful parents! You are building your crowns in heaven. I admire your perseverance. Love is the builder of energy, faith and happiness when things go black. I also admired sweet Madison. She has had a tough row to hoe as I well know from experience. I always pray for her that God will bless her in all ways and to know she is loved.
    Your whole family is loved and we pray for you always sweet cousin.

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