A difficult decision

Nathan has been attending an intensive day treatment therapy program since last Thursday. It is geared towards kids that are on the Autism Spectrum and have other developmental disabilities. He had been doing really well, but was having some difficulty transitioning from the program to home. I take full responsibility for not having the routine more established for him to be more successful.

Yesterday, during my 6 hour wait for Nathan to get out of day treatment, Madison and I decided to go back to school shopping. As I am shopping for school supplies at Target, I get a phone call from his “team” of doctors. They had been discussing Nathan and what they thought might be beneficial for him and his treatment. They felt that he needed to have more tweaking done with his medications and felt that in order to stabilize him, it would be best if they brought him inpatient. They also wanted to do some more neurological testing and observations that would be easier if he was there. This would mean that he would have to spend the nights at the hospital without us being able to stay. They asked me what my thoughts were and as I am sitting on paper towels in Target, I said that we need to call Jay and see what his thoughts were. After much discussion, we realized that we put him in this program to be the most successful he could possibly be. If the doctors thought that this was the best course of treatment, we felt that we owed it to him to do all that they recommended.

We made the heart wrenching decision to put him in the hospital for more intensive treatment. We are able to see him from 12-1 and 5:30-7:00 every day. We go sit with him for lunch and play games and spend time with him. Then we go back for dinner time and get to do bath time and read stories and play games. He is happy and for now ok to be there. He says he would rather go home, but we have explained to him that the doctors need to make sure that he feels good before he can come home.

Nathan’s original diagnosis had been Aspergers, however, after more extensive testing this week, Children’s hospital today informed us that they are changing his diagnosis from Aspergers to Autistic. They are being very proactive regarding his visual needs and are working with him to determine the best strategies for keeping him safe and for daily success.

As difficult as it has been to leave him at the hospital each night, we realize the value of the treatment he is receiving. Our hope is for him to come out of this treatment to be more successful at home and at school. We hope that we can help him in any way possible and can’t wait to bring our baby home.

We ask that you please keep Nathan in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time for our family. We thank everyone for their love and support.

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