Update on Nathan

I have received numerous requests wondering what is going on with Nathan lately.  I thought I would write a brief update to let you know where we stand right now.  Let me preface this with we have been waiting for this day for weeks, but literally have needed this for years.  Yesterday, he was admitted into an intensive day treatment therapy program at Children’s Hospital in Denver,  CO.  He started this program today and although he was timid and hesitant at first, by the end of the day he seemed to really enjoy it.  He will have different types of therapy such as music and art.  He will have social skills training that will help him relate to other people and especially peers.  He will have one on one work with a therapist to help him understand what is going on with him.  He is surrounded by other children who have similar needs as he does and require the same kind of intervention.  I am thrilled that he is there, but am also extremely anxious.  This feels like our last hope, but I know that if this does not work out, then we will push forward for the “next” thing.  However, I have to feel hopeful in this moment and not look towards that.

My heart broke while at the hospital to realize how many children there are that are in the same boat or worse than Nathan.  My heart aches for those parents.  I know what it feels like.  I know how isolating it can be, how alone you feel and no matter how much someone wants to help there is just not anything they can do.  I wanted to hug everyone I saw and tell them that I get it,  but I also want that same hug.  There is a look between special needs parents.  We get it and we don’t even have to say a word.  There is this bond between us and it is horrible that it took our beautiful children having these terrible issues to bring us together.  Autism is not the end of our world and neither is any of the other issues that Nathan faces, we will get through this and we will be stronger in the long run.  But for now, we wait, as always to see if this works.  I pray that this is the treatment that he has needed that will give him the best shot, and I will also say a prayer for all the other children who need the help just like Nathan.

Thank you all for your concern for Nathan and for our entire family.  We appreciate the thoughtfulness and the prayers.  We feel them and feel blessed to have such wonderful family and friends.  The post cards have been pouring in and we do not even know all the people who are sending them.  Please include your return address so that we can send you a thank you note.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

5 thoughts on “Update on Nathan

  1. Such hopeful news for your family!! We will all keep our thoughts positive that this will be a great help for Nathan in many ways. I hope you are all encouraged that you have some plan of action and at least a step forward. Love you all!!!

  2. I am so pleased to hear the hope that Children’s hospital has been bringing to Nathan and your family Stacey!! Praying for you daily!! Love you guys!!!

  3. Each day makes a difference. We are here for you. xxxoootw

    1. Thanks Mom! Could not do this without you, Dad, Brad or Michelle.

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