A New Chapter

Tomorrow,  Nathan will start 5th grade.  The time continues to fly by.

This is an exciting year for Nathan that will be full of new challenges and opportunities.  This year Nathan will be riding the bus for the first time.  It will pick him up and drop him off in front of our house. This will make for a smoother transition in the mornings and afternoons. His bus driver did 2 test runs by our house last week and Nathan had a chance to meet him and get on the bus and walk around.  He seems excited about this new opportunity,  but a little worried that he will get to the right place:)  We have assured him that he will get to school!

We have met with his teachers and went and had his pictures taken.  I think it was good for him to be back in a familiar setting, but I could see a little anxiety creep up.  After the first hour, he will be great.

I have one thing I would like to ask of the people who know Nathan personally and see him at school. If you say hi to Nathan,  the first thing he will say is “who are you?”.  I ask that you please identify yourself.  Please don’t make him guess who you are.  When you see him, it would be nice if you said, “Hi Nathan,  it’s Stacey”.  It is hard for him to know all the voices, and I think it is kinder if you don’t make him guess.  Thank you.

We look forward to this year and hope to see a lot of growth.



2 thoughts on “A New Chapter

  1. It’s scary and exciting at the same time. Good luck!

  2. Such a handsome boy there!! Fifth grade will be exciting for him and I know he will have lots of fun new adventures. I am always amazed at the wonderful response you have received from your school district there. Nathan seems to be in the best place he could possibly be and that is such a blessing for all of you. The goal should be for all our special kids to receive such treatment. He is truly blessed. Saw Madisons picture and she is a beautiful young lady! Don’t the years fly by too fast? Our babies just don’t stay babies as long as we want them to. We love you all and hope the coming school year will be just what everyone wants!

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