Officially a Sixth Grader!!

Nathan had his last day of 5th grade today! He ended the year with a party at the park.  Yesterday we had a meeting with the school hearing all about how much Nathan had matured this year.  He is able to be re-directed easier and is willing to work.  That is a huge difference from last year. 

It was such a nice opportunity to hear from all of the people who put so much effort into making school enjoyable for Nathan.  They go out of their way to find fun activities for him to participate in.  They are very creative in how they teach him.  You have to be creative to teach someone who is blind and needs hands on learning.  This has been the best year so far.

And a special thanks to Mrs. Parker for making Nathan feel loved.  Even though he wasn’t an active participant in her classroom, she always tried to find a way to include him.  If you read or remember  my post from a couple of years ago, this is the same teacher who made Nathan an honorary 5th grader when Madison was in her class.  She has a special place in our heart. ♡♡

Here is to all the teachers who do so much every day for their students.  A lot of it goes unnoticed, but I promise we see you and appreciate everything you do!!

Have a great summer!




1 thought on “Officially a Sixth Grader!!

  1. Congratulations to All!!

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