I have struggled to write about this enormous event that is about to occur in our lives for months.  It seems strange that I would not want to announce it or share information about it.  It is a wonderful organization that does so many wonderful things for kids who have a terminal illness.  And there you have it, a terminal illness.  Just saying it brings tears to my eyes.  Our son is dying.  He will not get better, we cannot treat his body for anything and the fact of the matter is that Batten Disease will be the reason he is taken from us far too soon.  I still cannot wrap my brain around this horrific nightmare that I have not woken up from.

However, Nathan made his wish months ago and all the planning has been done and we are on the final countdown now.  He wished to go on a Disney Cruise to the Caribbean.  He wants to marry a princess.  They cannot guarantee us that they will be able to facilitate a “wedding”, but he wants so badly to get married, that hopefully just meeting one of the Princesses will satisfy him.

We opted to do a Wish Extension, which is where we are going to go a week early and stay at Disney World.  Technically, that is not our Make-A-Wish, so that will be our little family getaway.  Nathan’s wish starts the night before the cruise.  He is very excited to be picked up from the house in a limo and go to Disney.  Of course he is already talking about all the light sabers he wants to purchase and is very concerned that they won’t let us take them on the ship.

We are looking forward to a Disney cruise as we have never done one an have heard great things about them.  Nathan loved the idea of the water slide that allows you to go down two at time.  He cannot do the slides on the other ships we have gone on because they would not let one of us go with him.  This one has a slide that goes off the side of the ship and you ride in double inner tubes.  We have described as much as we can to him and he is really excited. Every day he asks us how many more days.  It is fun to watch him get so excited.

We are so thankful to this organization that provides these types of trips for families in these situations.  It is so important to make as many memories as possible.  How do you make a lifetime of memories fit into such a short period of time?  It seems impossible and daunting, but we are trying to do the best we can.  It seems like time has sped up and that just isn’t fair.  We are so glad Nathan gets to Make-A-Wish, we just hate the reason he gets to make it.

Thank you all for sticking with us, we appreciate it more than you know.




2 thoughts on “Make-A-Wish

  1. So happy Nathan is getting his wish fulfilled. Like you, we are saddened at the timing and the reason for this event but know it will give you all so many great memories to share.Please know that we are praying for all of you and may God continue to give you strength and the courage for your journey.

  2. After I read your message I was thinking about a class I taught tonight….We talked about One Day At a Time….and how all each of us have is today…now…and that when tomorrow gets here it will once more be today….and how we are all going to die….but before we do…we get to live….today!!….I am so happy you get to do the make a wish program. That your family can look forward to the cruise and time to be close to share and make memories…As always sending Love and Light and lots more today’s for each of you…

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