Disney World, Day 3

Well, all the prayers sure helped today.   This was the first morning that Nathan did not completely loose it during breakfast.   We had a nice meal and enjoyed each other’s company. 

Today, we decided to go to Magic Kingdom.  I will say, it was very busy for a Wednesday and I was a little nervous when we arrived.  We first headed to Pirates of the Caribbean.   Nathan had a great time.  Then we headed to Thunder Mountain Railroad,  which has always been one of our families favorites.  Madison and Nathan rode together and they let us ride it back to back.  It was SO good to hear him laugh and see him smile.  We then did The Haunted Mansion.  After that, we had a little treat,  then headed back to the hotel to rest.   It was a pleasant day and we are getting ready to go out to dinner.

From the bottom of our hearts,  thank you for all the thoughts and prayers, they obviously helped and we are hoping for more happy days.








5 thoughts on “Disney World, Day 3

  1. So happy today was a better day!!! Just looking at those smiling faces made us smile too. Take hold of these moments and keep them close. Praying for the magic of Disneyland to be with you the rest of the time there.

  2. I am SO very glad

  3. Diana May Lyons March 9, 2016 — 5:54 PM

    Yes. The words Happiness and fun, naps and treats made my day. Nothing can separate us from the Love of God in Christ Jesus. Praise Him! Thank you all those who prayed for my dear Hiltmans.

    Love you! My Cataba has buds! My miracle!


  4. Maybe it’s bc it’s The Happiest Place on Earth! Love, Prayers and Hugs!

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