Make-A-Wish has begun!!

We spent the morning packing up from our Disney World vacation and headed down to Disney Springs.  We shopped and of course, Nathan got another light saber.  He is coming home with three new additions to his collection.

We went to catch the Magical Express to the hotel and Nathan lost it trying to get on the bus.  The driver asked if we would rather have our own transportation to the hotel.  Of course we felt that this would be a better option for all involved.   They called us a taxi and we made our way back to the Orlando airport.  Immediately,  he fell asleep in the car.  These long, hot days are taking so much out of him.  We have arrived at the hotel and are going to take it super easy tonight as tomorrow will be a very big and exciting day.

A very special thing to note today is that it is Nathan’s big sister’s 14th birthday!!  She has been so amazing and such a tremendous help to us on this trip.  She is able to reach him when at times we are not.  She is kind, loving, thoughtful,  sweet, caring, compassionate and I could go on and on.  I hop she realizes just how much I admire and look up to her.  She is one in a million and we love her so very much.

Please continue to pray for us.  Nathan needs to have a fun trip, we all need some fun right now.  You won’t hear from us for a week, but will update everyone after we get back with lots of photos and a recap of all our adventures.





5 thoughts on “Make-A-Wish has begun!!

  1. thanks for you update…feel like we are all there with you…..will keep praying please wish you daughter a very happy birthday!! Hugs and Love

  2. Prayers and blessings on your behalf, as always ❤

  3. Tell Madison she is awesome!

  4. beautiful pictures of you and your kids! Hope your big day tomorrow will be everything you deserve and need. Every Jedi needs at least 3 light sabers I am told! Love you all!!

  5. Happy Birthday beautiful Madison!!

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