To the 6th grade class who changed Nathan’s life

Today marked another milestone for Nathan.  He graduated from 6th grade!!  For 7 years he has been a member of this school and of this community.  We have had some of the greatest moments within those walls and some of the worst.  Some of the most amazing people have come into his life and ours and for that we are forever thankful.

We are part of a small community that has shown such love and grace towards Nathan.

These are kids that knew him as a little Kindie, played with him, invited him to all the parties.  They played sports with him, had playdates and had sleepovers. They watched him change, some grew weary of him during those years and some stayed.  They days of playdates and sleepovers ended and then the diagnosis came but so did maturity.  These children all have a heart for Nathan and have rallied back around him and shown such love to him.  Love that makes this Mama want to sit down with each one and thank them from the bottom of my heart.  For making him feel loved, for making him feel special, for letting him KNOW he has friends and for not letting something as scary as Batten Disease keep them from loving on Nathan.  We hear all of your names at night.  The ones who sat with him at lunch or played with him at recess or helped him through the school.  He never felt alone. We thank you.  I don’t know if any of you will know the impact you not only had on his life, but ours as well.  It truly has meant the world to us.  You are all destined to be great.  We look forward to watching each of you grow and pray that you always stay humble and kind.





2 thoughts on “To the 6th grade class who changed Nathan’s life

  1. Absolutely beautiful Stacey. Thank you for updating us. God Bless your family.

  2. Wonderful words and so true! Pine Grove Elementary is a great school. It has the best teachers and students! Have a fun, safe summer Nathan!

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