Batten Disease Awareness

June 4 – 5, 2016 is Batten Disease awareness weekend.  All we ask is that you share Nathan’s story with one person.  Tell one person about Batten Disease. We need more awareness for this disease to help push forward to find a cure.  Share our page with someone ( and let them read about his struggles and triumphs.  There are far too many children who are affected by this disease and are losing their fight or have already gained their  wings.  We need a cure and we need it now!  This is an important weekend for all Batten families.
Thank you,


5 thoughts on “Batten Disease Awareness

  1. My grand nephew suffers from Juvenile Batten. Please, find a cure..

    1. We are so sorry. This is a horrible disease. We will pray for him.

  2. My beautiful grandson Nathan is 12. He has been blind for several years because of Batten Disease. His brain is degenerating and there is no cure.
    With more publicity we hope to find more researchers willing to seek a cure. Please share our request snd help us pray for the Lord to reveal the grace to unmask this dread disease. Thank you and God Bless you.

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