Nathan’s 16 birthday

Next month on March 25, Nathan will turn 16.  I am struggling with this birthday for many reasons.  All Nathan talks about (besides Justin Bieber) is when he turns 16, he will get to drive.  He thinks he can get an automatic car.  We are watching all of his peers get their driver’s licenses and he hears them talk about driving.  We also hear about girlfriends (but let’s be honest,  he has plenty of thosešŸ˜Š).  I want to make this birthday extra special for him.  I have racked my brain trying to think of something that would make him feel special and maybe take a little of the focus off the fact that he won’t be able to drive.

Would you consider sending Nathan a birthday card this year?  It would mean so much if we could get a head start,  save them all and then on his birthday he would have all these cards to open.  He loves getting things in the mail and I know it would put a smile on his face (and let’s be honest,  that is all we are living for now – the happy moments). 

If you would like to send him a card, they can be mailed to

10544 Oakmoor Circle

Parker, CO 80134

Thank you for your part in making his day special.


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