Coronavirus 2020 update

I wanted to update everyone as to how and what we have been up to.  First, I wanted to let everyone know that we have managed to stay safe which I am happy to report.  These are definitely some scary and weird times that we are in, but we have kept isolated to protect Nathan.  

We do have Home Health Aides that come daily to help while Jay and I work.  They are screened prior to each shift and we ensure that all protocols are followed to help protect his health as well as everyone in our home.  We have been very fortunate to have reliable people who have also worked hard to keep themselves safe so that we all can stay safe.

The kids have been out of school since March 13.   They have not left the house, they have quarantined appropriately and the only time Jay or I have left is to go to the grocery store. Surprisingly, Nathan has adapted really well to the change in his routine.  We recognize how completely blessed we are that this is the case. Normally, breaks are really rough on him. He thrives on routine and can get really out of sorts if it is interrupted. We did start a new medication at the beginning of March that we feel really has been our saving grace.

As for his birthday- WOW!! Thank you to all who sent a card or gift.  He received so many amazing cards. In fact he is still opening about 5 a night.  I have not officially counted them, but there were A LOT!! It is something that he looks forward to each night and enjoys hearing the sweet words that you have all sent.  He is really excited for this all to be over as he received numerous gift cards to stores and restaurants and he cannot wait to redeem them all☺

As for our daughter Madison.  I don’t bring her up on here a lot as I know she prefers a bit of privacy, but this time I have to rave about her.  She is a senior in High School and it is such a bummer year for her. She has and is missing out on so much. She missed out on her Senior Prom, senior ditch day, the senior prank and all the other fun activities that go with the final year of High School.  She has a job with Starbucks that has been amazing. Her store shut down and they have continued to pay her even though she has not been working. That offer ends May 1, but she has the option to extend it another 30 days without pay and keep her job. She really wants to go back to work, but we just cannot risk Nathan catching this, so she will stay off until May 30 and at that time I am really hoping that she can safely return to work.  She misses her friends and going out and doing fun things. She just turned 18 on March 11 so she hasn’t really had a chance to enjoy some “adulting” yet☺. The nurse that lived with us moved back to California, so she is moving into the basement (which is like an apartment) so that she can have some more space and independence. She has chosen to live at home while attending community college to get her core classes out of the way. If she stays with Starbucks they offer to pay for her tuition through ASU online and she can obtain a degree through them.  She is an AMAZING woman that we are so incredibly proud of. I wish this year could have been better for her. Our surrounding neighborhoods have done something really cool called Adopt a Senior. A family “adopted” her and the purpose is to deliver feel good stuff periodically to just let them know they are thought of and encourage them during this time. She was supposed to graduate on May 19, however that has been postponed. We have a date in June and July and if either of those don’t work it will be a virtual graduation. We are hoping for one of the in person dates to work.  Her and all of the seniors have worked so hard, they deserve to walk across the stage and hear their names called. If you feel inclined, we would love it if you could leave some kind words for her, I certainly know she could use to hear how wonderfully special she is too. She has spent the majority of her life feeling left out and I want to just shout from the top of a mountain how incredibly proud we are of her. She truly will go on to do amazing things. She has certainly changed my life.

Our beautiful 2020 Senior

We hope this finds all of you safe and that everyone is in good health.


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